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Soaring: The flitting, flighting fantasies of a Cyberstar artist/aviator

Alien Prick (c) 2001 by TAL. All rights reserved. Come Soar With Me. Read Cyberartist artist/aviator TAL4Love's insightful lore about love, hate and prejudice in America. Follow his tale through time and cyberspace. As TAL4Love soars the skies in his $1,000,000 Piper Mirage Malibu which is custom designed to permit safe flying as he enjoys the love and romance of fucking at 10,000+ feet. Rebel nuts bring out their artillery to shoot him down, aliens abduct him and he fights back with parody, wit and lore. Follow his exploits around the nation as he comes to know the sweet delights of women who can't seem to get enough of his high flying flights of fancy!
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