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How large is your penis?

Alien Prick (c) 2001 by TAL. All rights reserved.Click on Alien Prick to vote for me!
The following email was received from Below is the result of your feedback form. It was submitted by ( on Wednesday, May 30, 2001 at 04:43:27 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ..Guys, add 1-4 inches exactly where you need it! Want to Enlarge your Penis? It only takes 7-10 MINUTES per day! We guarantee results, or your money back! It's all natural, NO PUMPS OR PILLS or other costs involved! Click here to have a longer, thicker, harder penis GUARANTEED! ***End of e-mail*** Now really does anyone think my penis needs to be any bigger! Am I the only one that gets this sort of trashy Spam? I guess it was sent by an auto mail program, given it was sent to a sequence of names (copies of recipients had similar e-mail addresses to mine and no doubt, tons of such junk e-mail was received by others). This was done in sets of about ten people each to avoid being cut off by AOL's automated anti-Spam program which deletes user access by scrambling one's password if you try to send out e-mails to over about 20-25 people at a time. Ick, I hate that program. Before AOL told me about it I was blasted by the service several times, and all I was doing was sending out e-mail to friends and associates. My gripe is that here I'm getting spammed by an automated program that wants to enlarge my penis and AOL cuts me off when I make a mailing list of more than 20-25 friends. Something isn't right about this. Of course this is probably my own fault. Someone probably took notice of De Purple Penis and the Great Penis Revolution and decided that I needed my penis enlarged. Actually the one who needs their penis enlarged is George W. Bush! Having a president who does not have the balls to go in and get our plane back from the Chinese, via whatever force it takes, is like the blind leading the blind. Of course it would probably take more than his penis being enlarged to change this fact. God, I sometimes wonder if Republicans have penises at all? The way the religious right talks, one would think their penises have been prayed into oblivion, completely vanishes, not to be recognized or acknowledged at all! On another topic, I added some new background art to my Paradise home page. From time to time I may be changing the background art featured on this page. I'd be interested in doing banners for others who may like the metamorphic digital designs I make. What I'll do is use your on-line images to make a banner or other art work if you will give me permission. Then you can get a free banner out of the deal. This includes anyone who has a webcam or a good gallery of portrait type images. Also if you have some original erotic images I would enjoy working with these to see what sort of designs may be produced when they are abstracted. Such art might also be used to illustrate erotic stories in a more classic manner than much of the rather sleazy, unimaginative photography used on sites which feature erotica or various fetishes. One thing I have noticed while browsing the Internet is that not only is there a need for people to improve their poetry and prose, but there seems to be a big gap in mature artistic expression. I guess our educational system has failed miserably in producing talented artists. Or perhaps all the best artists have not learned how to turn on a computer yet. What do you think? Anyway, if you would like some really cool and different art to enhance you web site, let me know. I enjoy working with digital images, especially the female figure and form. So if you would like to see something new, unique and really creative, what I call a new Picasso, featuring yourself as the model, let me know. And hurry as this offer may expire soon!

Copyright © 2001 by TAL4Love. All rights reserved.
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