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Pretty form of nihilism

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Is it possible to have a "pretty form of nihilism?" If nihilism is taken to mean the total rejection of established laws and institutions, as by anarchy, terrorism or other revolutionary activity, I doubt it would be a very "pretty" process. But in every society there are ideas and beliefs; i.e., what we call "the establishment," which are held by a large portion of people, which could do with some change or reform. In a democracy, and indeed in a republic, one dominated by a majority of representatives who are of this or that religious faith, the majority of laws upon the books are written by moralists. They are not necessarily written by artists, poets, intellectuals or other "free thinkers." Hence those of us who view themselves to be free thinkers are bounded by the laws written by moralist which sometimes serve to censor our society. Even the medical community is being "censored" in terms of what research they can do with fetal tissue or genetic engineering. Then women are being censored in terms of their control of their own body; i.e., the abortion issue. It is not nihilism to seek change of the social order as it relates to particular matters such as these. I hardly advocate that we have a lawless society, as then you would have rape, robbery, murder ... a host of violent crimes right and left without there being any consequence to those who abuse others or even take lives which are not their own. But when it comes to matters of thought control, I'm probably a nihilist; i.e., I believe in free thought, and you can not have free thought when there is a church upon every corner indoctrinating children to believe in this or that idea of God or that this or that expression of art is pornographic or obscene, or that it is some how sinful to experience love and sex before marriage. Why I'd say it is sinful to marry someone before you make love with them and know if you love them enough to want to be their loving, caring and faithful partner for however long the love may last. Ah, but it is not my purpose here to teach you anything. I'm just sharing my thoughts. You may take them or leave them as you like. I have no delusions of being God or the devil or some all wise man. I'm just someone who happens to have a different view of the world ... and thinks it might be a good idea to poke a few holds in the wall here and there ... to tear it down in places ... so that people can be free to love without the guilt of thinking they are somehow offending God.

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