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Do you dare to love?

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Do you dare to love? I'm so terrible. I went browsing other Live Journals on the Journal List today and posted this missive: Dare to go where no man (or woman) has gone before ... to TAL's PRIVATE PARADISE where all is Heaven that is not Hell, where the wizard spins the spirit of love with his magic wand to enchant witches and women of wonder into his embrace ... dare to go only if you wish to escape for a moment from this reality unto another, one which reflects a different view of our world, where penises are purple and all is not quite as it seems to be. Ah, but if you can not laugh at the twists and turns, at the morphism of a mundane universe, if you take too seriously that which is "the establishment" then maybe you should not enter unto TAL's Private Paradise ... for it will change your life in ways none can tell ... and there is never any going back to that virginity that has been lost by these revelations. It was a tease. Ah, but life is full of teases. It seems women and men are always teasing each other, trying to entice and tempt. Yes, I'm probably a member of the BIG TEASE CLUB. Only I don't consider myself a tease. I consider myself THE REAL THING, whatever that is??? Of course you may consider me whatever you want. Some of the biggest teasers are the nympho girls and guys who want you to pay money to take a peak at them. I personally think everyone who does not like porn should make a protest by displaying their own wares or undies upon the Internet for FREE. Put a pic of your penis up or your breasts and invite your visitors to enjoy you in your birthday suit for FREE. If enough people did this the porn industry would go bankrupt. Of course I know this is dreaming. Our society is too damned conservative for this to happen any time soon. Its the same idea behind the movement to legalize drugs. If you make drugs legal you bankrupt the black market and take the criminal aspect out of marketing drugs. But our law makers and politicians will not do this any time soon as they are apparently controlled by or are associated with conservative, religious groups. Thus we have created an environment which makes it profitable to deal drugs. If this were changed and illegal recreational drugs were legalized, plus taxed like alcohol and cigarettes, then the money could be used to support education and fight drug addiction. Ah, but this is too revolutionary a concept for our wise legislators to even try. Of course it matters little to me given my drug of choice is caffeine in the form of tea, coffee and Coke. I'm addicted to caffeine. My other drug of choice is getting high on life! This includes sharing a bottle of wine with a favorite woman of mine. Ah ... I guess you might say I'm addicted to the pleasures of the flesh. Aren't we all! But what to do ... it seems I'm always falling in love with the wrong women. The woman I happen to love is married ... so no matter how much I love her it doesn't matter. I'm basically fucked! Hummm ... are there any women out there who want to cure my problem? I guess that the question upon my mind ... so I ponder ... who might she be? Obviously she must have an open mind. She doesn't have to agree with me about everything, but enjoy talking about everything. I'm willing to listen and not so set in my ways that I can't make compromises. In fact I think the best relationships involve making compromises, give and take to equal measure. What do you think? Any takers? Ah, I could also say she must be someone who fascinates my mind. Love is all in the mind! It is a mental process. It involves one's whole being, that whole being and how it effects your mind. What is great is when two people effect each other in the same way, that there is mutual love. So I wonder ... are there any takers? I told you I was a Big Tease ... but in this case there is something behind the tease ... a real lover.

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