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Is God Dead?

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Is God dead? Judging from this board, practically the whole world seems dead. Yes, I know, there is the entire WWW and I suppose that is where all the action is. After all "real" people with "real lives" probably have better things to be doing than reading the meandering river thoughts of brain dead Live Journalists. :-) I changed my logo from a salad and piece of bread with the slogan, "I've got is: Good taste," to an image of King Tut with the "God is Love" catcher. Actually this is King Tut's death mask. Why this of all things for a logo? It is meant to spark debate. First of all, is God dead? What is God? Is God creator of the universe? Or is God just a spiritual concept? Is God love, that goodness and kindness which lives within each of us? Can man be a god? What do you think? Traditional Judeo-Christian religion declares God as creator of the universe, maker of man and authority over all His domain. Such a God of old can perform miracles, answer prayers or bring upon cosmic doom. I wonder if he can bring this ranking to number one on the LJ chart? Hummmm ... that would truly be a miracle. It is ironic that many religious fundamentalists want to bring God, prayer and the Ten Commandments back into government. I thought the Exodus was all about freeing religion from the state and its tyranny. In fact the idea that God is a ruler apart from man, is probably the greatest concept in the liberation of humanity from state control. Strange that so many fundamentalist think that bringing God back into government will somehow lead to a better world. In reality this will only lead to more power and control in the hands of the government. It is called theocracy. I like the concept that God is Love. This idea kills the creationist myth. If God is Love then there is no "spiritual" God, the so called creator of the universe. God is but the goodness of humanity. The concept that God is Love also destroys the Jesus son of God myth at least to the point that Jesus Christ was the flesh and blood immaculate conception of a divine spirit. Rather Jesus Christ was a teacher of Love and was only "the son of God" in the sense that Jesus taught people how to love. So when we say Jesus was the son of God what this comes to mean is that Jesus was a man who taught people how to love, love being what God really is. In other words, God is dead; i.e., God the creator of the universe is but a myth. But the death of God is not a bad thing. We can all go to his funeral and put flowers upon his grave. We can all cry and morn His passing. Then we can rejoice that there is still God as Love. So this new logo makes sense. King Tut is not God. No man is God. Religion and the state should remain separated. God, in fact, is but a concept, the idea of LOVE. This concept may outrage those who hold that God is a divine spirit. It would mean that what traditional religions have taught for thousands of years is wrong; is in fact, a lie. It is called the God Lie. Forms of the God lie are the creationist myth, the idea of the Holy Trinity, immaculate conception, the concept that salvation can come by accepting Jesus Christ as savior of humanity and the belief in eternal life after death in a place called "Heaven." As soon as you stop believing the God Lie, and replace it with the God is Love belief, doors will open inside your mind. For only then can you begin to achieve enlightenment. What is enlightenment? That is perhaps a subject for another day, but let's just say for now that enlightenment is what comes when you are not blinded by the shadows upon the wall or the blanket of beliefs taught to you since you were a child. Enlightenment is a way of seeing the world that you must find for yourself. Make no doubt about it, adopting and promoting the belief that God is dead will not make you very many friends. In fact I imagine this post will result in a barrage of hate e-mails. That just goes to prove my point: God is Love, not hate, and those who embrace the later concept are the ones who are ignorant, superstitious and blind. They are the ones who should be reprogrammed, not me! Whatever your belief you are invited to post a comment. But please don't bug me with your hate e-mails. If you have any hate e-mail you may send it to Blinded by the Light.

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