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The Great Penis Revolution

Alien Prick (c) 2001 by TAL. All rights reserved.Click on Alien Prick to vote for me!
Are you ready to read something that will knock your socks off. You will get a real kick in the balls with The Penis Revolution. This is a satirical, provocative essay I wrote which deals with everything from the male ego and penis envy to censorship upon the Internet. It will probably piss a lot of people off. All I can say is they need to be pissed off. Sometimes the truth does that, pisses everyone off. Pardon the pun, but you have to piss people off to effect change in the world. No one pays any attention to you these day unless you run naked through the street or expose yourself upon the Internet. This little piece of artistis prose does a bit of both. It's all done in the name of truth, justice and the American way. What we have is a society of couch potatoes which is largely asleep and brain dead. I figure the only way to wake people up is to put a match under their asses. If THE PENIS REVOLUTION doesn't do it nothing will.

Copyright © 2001 by TAL4Love. All rights reserved.
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