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I feel like I'm talking to myself ... which actually I am :-) ... talking to myself inside my head. Is that what we all are doing? I've been reading a few other live journal diaries. Some seem pretty wacky. Some are quite interesting. I've notice, though, that the level or artistic creation, what I'd call ART IQ seems to be lacking on may sites. Hmmm ... what can we do about this. Okay, given that I see a problem let's offer a solution. If I like your site I'll do you a free banner or some background art (it may be weird or abstract in nature as that's the sort of art I do). In exchange if you use my design all I ask is that you link back to my Paradise home page at This is an opportunity for you to get some great (or different) art for your site. Don't everyone reply all at once. But if you need some art for your site, say in the form of some new banners, then contact TAL4Love. Be sure to give me the URL/address of your site and give me permission to use any images/pictures of you on your site (for purpose of making a banner or other art for you). I'll take a look at your site and if I like it then I make you some are. This is just my way of helping everyone improve their site. Can't beat a free offer like this one, as I'll be doing all the work so GO FOR IT!!!!!

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