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What a beautiful day!

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Ah, it is a wonderful, beautiful day today. I'm in a great mood so this is an opportunity for any single women out there in cyberspace to write to me and propose marriage! :-) Hee, hee ... yes, I know I'm egotistical. But should some fair young maiden happen to stumble upon this muse, it is your opportunity to send a letter of introduction telling me about yourself and why I should be interested in courting you. Now to make things easier I will tell you all about myself. I'm horny as hell and need a girl! There, that should be all you need to know about me. Now tell me about yourself. What, you say you need more specifics. Okay, let's see ... I'm horny as hell and know how to make you very happy! There, that should be enough to warrant your reply. Oh yeah, I'm not gay, I don't have AIDs or any other dreadful sexually transmitted disease and I am a very fun guy to be around. What else do you want to know. Look, I can't read your mind. If you are an attractive, intelligent, mature woman then I'd be interested in sharing e-mail and friendship. I'm especially interested in meeting other creative women who enjoy the company of men who admire them not only for their bodies but for their minds. Are there any such women left in this world? Hummm ... given the status of our current educational system, probably not. Oh well, I guess I could just order me a love doll :-) Ah, but what fun could a piece of rubber be? I need a living, breathing, talking woman, not a piece of static polymer, not some acetate fake foam vacuum form, not some vinyl virgin with a vibrator and a half dozen artifical orifices ... but a real live woman! Are there any of those left? Yes, I'm just trying to provide a little entertainment. I realize this will be read mostly by a bunch of nerd jerkoffs who have love dolls in their closets so hopefully this will scare them off. On the other hand if you a woman looking for someone other than a nerd to flirt with, then do let me know. Send me an e-mail and picture and tell me a little about yourself. I'm on the rebound, so to speak, from a relationship with a married woman. So I'm interested in hearing from single women who are not involved with anyone else and are looking for a man who will care about them, give them the attention and devotion they deserve and who will love, cherish and respect them. I prefer short and fit women who are attractive and have no hang ups about their bodies, who are bright, have an open mind and enjoy the fun and adventure of living a fun filled life. I'm not into gay or bisexual women, though I'm not prejudice toward anyone. It is just that in terms of relationships I prefer heterosexual women. Ah, this sounds like it is turning into a solicitation for sex, but although I'm a sexual person, what I'm really looking for is to establish some good friendships first. Then we can go from there and play it by ear. Obviously no one can know how they are going to get along with or how much they will like or dislike someone until they have time to get to know them. So I'm interested in developing some freindships with women who are also interested in the same thing; who also may be attracted to me because we share similar intellectual interests and/or may develop a fondness for each other given that we just like being together. Any women who happen to read this are welcome to contact me at looking for the most wonderful woman in the world!. If that happens to be you, please don't pass me by as I'm the greatest catch you will ever find :-) That's my ego expressing itself again. Ah, but what is so great about having an ego is that should we develop a friendship or possible relationship, my ego will boost you so high you'll be on cloud nine, ten, eleven ... etc. So I hope to hear from you soon. Good luck and catch me if you can! Terry

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