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I've been busy writing letters and an erotic short story entitled "Lost in Los Vegas" detailing my encounter with a very seductive woman which you may read on-line at Lost in Los Vegas. The story was written in long hand and I need to transcribe it and upload it which I should have done shortly. Also those who are interested in my love letters may find them at Paradise.

I'm a very prolific writer. I have published much of my work on diskettes rather than in hard or paper back as I believe that we should try to preserve our environment and stop killing so many trees just to print newspapers, magazines and books upon. Instead I publish my work on-line or as diskettes books. In this manner I'm not contributing to the destruction of our forest. Although I realize trees are a renewable resource, trees are being destroyed faster than they can be planted and grow. This is because of the population explosion, the out-of-control reproduction of the Earth's masses of people. So if you want to do something to help, buy one of my diskette books. Thanks! I have several more books in production plus am constantly working on my on-line publications. It seems I'm always working upon a new project. I'm not totally opposed to having some of my completed works published in printed form, especially where my fine art work and photography is concerned, which may be used to illustrate my work. So should a publisher be interested in helping me to make a small fortune, please click here and contact me with regard to publishing my books. I suppose I could always donate or invest a percentage of my profits to nonprofit projects designed to help preserve our national resources. Yes, I realize that this may not seem like a typical diary/journal entry. But I'm some what of a work-aholic and see nothing wrong with plugging myself. After all, if you want to know about me there is no better way to learn that to read my works.

Copyright © 2001 by TAL4Love. All rights reserved.
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