Vanished (tal4love) wrote,

Blue is good

Blue is good. Green is good, too. Yes, I know this may not make sense to anyone. It is a code. The two balls are eyes. Or they could be eight balls without the eight. Hee, hee. Or they could be boobs! It is really up to you.

Actually I'm just testing my new logo to see if it works. I wanted to use something simple and easy that no one else has. The two zeros or pool balls are symbols of people with nothing in their brains, which seems to be the case with many people I've seen posting on the net, especially on YouTube.

If you are one of the lucky ones to have some senes between your eyes, welcome to the club.

I'll post more later ... maybe.
Tags: abc, ball, balling, boston, code, desperate, eight, elmo, friends, hiding, housewives, legal, lost, youtube, zero
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