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ALIEN ABDUCTORS rape/molest LJ Cyberstar artist/aviator!

Alien Prick (c) 2001 by TAL. All rights reserved.ALIEN ABDUCTION: Photographic proof of alien abduction by Cyberstar artist/aviator TAL4Love. On 8 June 2001 Cyberstar artist/aviator TAL4Love disappeared. Rumors abounded on the Internet. Some thought he was gone forever, that his plane had crashed into the sea. Others claimed to have hacked into his system or to have hunted him down and wiped his ass off of the face of the Earth. But none of these rumors are true. What really happened to TAL4Love? Where did he go? Why was his LJ suspended? You may believe whatever you want to believe. But the truth is that TAL4Love was abducted by aliens! This is that story of the alien abduction of TAL4Love and how he was raped and molested by aliens with giant green penises! TAL4Love reveals his remarkable encounter with perhaps what is the greatest, most valuable photograph in history: the great green penis of an alien abductor! Click here to read this fantastic tale!
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