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What is in a name?

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What is in a name? A rose by any other name is still a rose. The following is an open letter to LJ member CandyKytten posted here because it likely will not fit under "comments" owing to the word limitations. Dear Ms Candykytten, I recently stumbled on your most Erotic Fantasies site and your more personal diary relating your seductive experience with Rhiannon (aka Angel). That one is a keeper. But in the interest of creating a more classical tale, should you really be referring to Rhiannon as "Angel?" Her qualities seem more those of a seductress, of a sly and clever feline or panther who is somewhat promiscuous by nature. Surely it would be more enticing to your readers to give her an alias persona which better fits her behavior as you have so eloquently described it. She draws to mind that most classic of seductresses, Cleopatra, from which no doubt Shakespeare drew in creating the maiden Juliet in his tragedy involving Romeo. Thus "Cleo" might be a more appropriate alias (maybe you could spell it with a "K" as Kleo or even "Kleodona," to give it a more erotic twist, or even "Juliet" if you want to emphasize her angelic qualities. And surely if you are going to call Rhiannon "Angel" then Justin deserves an alias befitting of his character. A true "Master" would treat all his pets with equal affection and not as temporary toys to take pleasure in and toss out as so much garbage. After all we are talking about our hearts, the hurt and pain that goes much deeper than what is just of the flesh. I suggest you ponder this and come up with an alias name for Justin which befits his immature treatment of those he should love, cherish and adore as a worthy "Master." This is just a suggestion from one writer of erotica to another. It is not meant to suggest how you feel about Rhiannon in reality. I'm only suggesting what might be more appropriate in terms of being erotic, perhaps from the male point of view. Of course if you are more aroused by the idea of seducing an angel, I can understand you wanting to call her this. But it would certainly be more believable to see her in a different light. Clearly it is not angelic for the submissive concubine of a former lover to seduce his former girlfriend. That you would see this as angelic I think is a projection of your own angelic nature and desire to submit to the more powerful will of others while enjoying the wonderful arousal such relinquishing of power may enable. So is it possible YOU are the angel here, and not Rhiannon? Now I doubt most readers you ask to critique your work will bother to be so presumptuous or even to give this much attention to your muse. But in the interest of the art of erotica, I thought it might be of some value to share this impression. Of course I do not know how Rhiannon sees herself. From what you have written it is not as an angel. Of course the human character is very complex, and one who is a seductress may very well express angelic qualities to the one she seduces. If this is true perhaps you should develop the presentation of Rhiannon's character better so that this is revealed to the reader. You do mention a number of aspects of her behavior which are similar to you in this respect. In fact your description of "so much alike" makes me wonder even more if YOU are the true angelic persona, and that you just see some of yourself reflected in Rhiannon. Also you seem to see aspects of her personality which you would like to emulate ... which you haven't been able to do yet, makes me wonder even more if you might be blinded by love, that you can not see Rhiannon's darker side? This is true in many love triangles. Your experience reminds me of Adrian, who died in an airplane crash. Ah, but that's another story. I try not to think about her too much as she was someone I loved very much and her loss hurts even now. But I guess that's just how it is when you give your heart and everything else to someone dear. So in this respect I can understand the triangular nature of your relationship. But what I wonder is, can you see where this is going? Or are you just going with the flow? Sincerely, TAL4Love

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